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The Schulthess Klinik has already been awarded first place in orthopedics in the “Best Specialist Clinics in Switzerland” ranking twice in a row. 

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A lot has changed since the orthopaedic institute was first established over 100 years ago.

The Schulthess Klinik campaign exemplifies our motto, “new joy in movement”.

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Schulthess Klinik employs more than 1,100 people who combine cutting-edge medicine, innovation and humanity. In addition to specializing in orthopaedics, we are also a certified Swiss Olympic Medical Center which is open to patients with general and supplementary health insurance.

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Top surgeons visited the Hand Surgery department

In March, Head of Department Dr. Daniel Herren from the Hand Surgery department at the Schulthess Klinik welcomed two specialist international colleagues as guests: Prof. Simon Farnebo from Sweden and Dr. Alex Lluch from Spain. They exchanged information about the latest surgical techniques and provided insights into research.

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We make a difference with top-class medical services, a humane approach and innovation, along with a strong network consisting of over 60 Swiss and international cooperation partners from practice and science.

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