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Nursing services

Your comfort and recovery are very important to us. That’s why our nursing staff are at your service around the clock. We are committed to providing personalised and professional patient care. To this end, we use the resources available to us to provide you with the best possible treatment. By strictly applying schemes, guidelines and standards, we ensure that the care we deliver is of maximum quality.

Our Nursing specialists

Nursing care mission statement

The patient is at the heart of our work

Personalised care

The patient is at the heart of our work. We respect and value all of our patients, regardless of their class of insurance or sociocultural background. We maintain a dialogue with the patients and their families and meet patients’ requirements to the best of our ability. We take individual patients’ needs in account for the duration of their stay.


Our patients’ well-being is our greatest concern. Thanks to a consistently high standard of care, patients feel well looked after in the clinic. We recognise that nursing development is a key factor for continuously improving and optimising the quality of our care. Our specialist nursing services are shaped by well-founded expert knowledge, modern techniques and regular evaluation and reflection.

Interdisciplinary working methods

We support interdisciplinary methods of thinking and working. By promoting mutual respect and value, we contribute to a good working environment at Schulthess Klinik. We sustain the professional relationship with our interdisciplinary partners with an open and target-based culture of communication.

Focusing on the future

Our work is built on an evidence-based foundation of knowledge and experience. We aim to assume our educational responsibility by preparing subsequent generations as fully as we can for the future and inspiring them to join our profession over the long term.