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Quality management at the Schulthess Klinik ensures that our services consistently meet stringent external and internal quality requirements. The role of quality management is planning, implementing, safeguarding and continuing to develop the Schulthess Klinik’s quality management system.

Would you like to give us some feedback?

We place great emphasis on customer focus. We kindly ask you to submit your feedback so that we can continuously improve our services. Your feedback will be processed by our quality management team and will of course be kept strictly confidential. Many thanks for providing your feedback.

Quality policy

Our quality policy is based on the Schulthess Klinik’s strategy and on its vision, mission statement and guiding principles.

  • All measures and activities in quality management are geared towards achieving our strategic targets.
  • The Schulthess Klinik has a clinic-wide quality management system.
  • We provide services with the highest quality and professionalism.
  • Customer focus is at the heart of the Schulthess Klinik’s activities.
  • The continuous improvement and optimisation of our services is ensured by our quality management system.
  • The Schulthess Klinik implements comprehensive risk management.
  • Implementing the legal requirements for occupational safety and health protection is ensured.
  • Our employees’ high level of specialist expertise is actively promoted since it is our biggest asset. This is how we ensure the high quality of our services.

Quality targets

  • A clinic-wide quality management system is implemented and remains in force.
  • Our processes are systematically and regularly audited.
  • The continuous improvement process is part of our daily activities.
  • The entire institution fulfils the requirements of the ISO standard 9001:2015.
  • The customer is at the heart of our activities.

External quality measurements

We regularly measure quality together with external evaluation offices. Once complete, the results of the participating acute hospitals are compared and discussed as part of a benchmarking process in order to “learn from the best”.

The Nationale Verein für Qualitätsentwicklung in Spitälern und Kliniken [National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals and Clinics] (ANQ) coordinates and implements quality measurements in acute care, rehabilitation and psychiatry.

The results enable transparent and national comparability. On the basis of these findings, hospitals and clinics can develop targeted measures to improve their quality. The ANQ members are Spitalverband H+, santésuisse, curafutura, the Swiss cantons and Swiss social insurance providers.

The Schulthess Klinik has had a quality agreement in place with the ANQ since April 2012 and is required to regularly carry out the quality measurements set out for acute care. The results are published by the ANQ.

Management principles and adherence to values

The following basic principles are based on Schulthess Klinik’s mission statement and describe our approach with regard to management and shared values.

Our management principles

  • We manage in a focussed manner; we are guided by targets and results and seek to achieve these as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • We support the further development of our employees.
  • We inform and communicate openly, promptly and respectfully.
  • We face continuous changes in an open manner and actively shape these changes.
  • We are motivators and a role model to others.
  • We create the prerequisite for a positive company culture.

Our adherence to values (what guides us and sets us apart)

  • Appreciation, transparency, respect, safety and trust
  • Humanity, employee and customer focus and a holistic approach
  • Openness
  • Excellence, sustainability, innovation and continuous improvement
  • Agility, flexibility and willingness to develop

Patient safety

In essence, patient safety means preventing harm from treatment and minimising the risk of unnecessary harm in healthcare. Get to know some aspects of patient safety and how we implement them at Schulthess Klinik.

Hospital hygiene and infection prevention

The aim of hospital hygiene is to prevent nosocomial infections (hospital-acquired infections) among both inpatients and outpatients. At Schulthess Klinik, patient safety and infection prevention are of high priority. Conducting regular hygiene inspections, training and infection monitoring and providing advice are some of the hospital hygiene team’s most important tasks.

Minke Reymond-Dijkstra
Expert in Infection Prevention in Healthcare
T +41 44 385 76 03

Collaboration within the field of infectiology and hospital hygiene is regulated in the collaboration contract with Spital Zollikerberg. PD Dr. med Y. Achermann, who specialises in infectiology, is responsible for the infectiological consultation service at Schulthess Klinik.

ISO certification

Schulthess Klinik began to establish a quality management system in mid-2016 and has been certified in accordance with ISO standard 9001:2015 since November 2017.

A quality management system is a means of managing the company. It ensures that the system quality, process quality and performance quality of an organisation is reviewed and improved on a regular and systematic basis. The objective of a quality management system is to continuously improve company performance in the long term.

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Quality management