Research The basis for continuous improvement

The scientific work carried out by the Teaching, Research and Development department supports the clinic’s departments and thus helps improve patient care. Our research work is continuously providing new insights into the treatment of orthopaedic patients and reinforcing Schulthess Klinik’s international reputation as a centre of excellence.

Clinical research

Clinical research is the methodical search for generalisable scientific knowledge. The subjects of these studies range from causes, prevention, diagnoses, treatment and epidemiology of problems with a person’s physical or psychological health.

There are two ways to compile study data: recording it in a register or collecting it in clinical studies. A register documents the health-related personal data collected routinely in daily clinical practice, while clinical studies, also known as clinical trials, are research projects involving people being given a treatment and investigating the effects of that treatment on the health of the human body.

Schulthess Klinik

Schulthess Klinik
Lengghalde 2
8008 Zürich

Teaching, Research and Development

Our research specialists

Dr. Laurent Audigé Spezialist Forschung

Prof. Dr. Laurent Audigé, DVM PhD

Head of Research Group Upper Extremities and Hand Surgery
Dr. Nicola Maffiuletti Spezialist Forschung

PD Dr. Nicola A. Maffiuletti, PhD

Head of Research Group Human Performance Lab
Dr. Vincent Stadelmann Spezialist Forschung

Vincent Stadelmann, PhD

Head of Research Group Lower Extremities
PD Dr. Anne Mannion Spezialistin Forschung

PD Dr. Anne Mannion, PhD

Scientific Consultant Spine Surgery and Neurosurgery
Prof. Jiri Dvorak

Prof. Dr. med. Jiří Dvořák

Consultant to the board / Neurology, Spine Unit
Dr. Mario Bizzini Spezialist Forschung

Dr. Mario Bizzini, PhD

Research Associate Human Performance Lab
Dr. Nicola Casartelli Spezialist Forschung

Dr. Nicola Casartelli, PhD

Research Associate Human Performance Lab
Dr. sc. Renate List Spezialistin Forschung

Dr. sc. ETH Renate List

Research Associate Human Performance Lab
Dr. phil. Miriam Marks Spezialistin Forschung

Dr. phil. Miriam Marks, PhD

Research Associate Upper Extremities and Hand Surgery
Alex Marzel Spezialist Forschung

Dr. sc. nat. Alex Marzel

Research Associate Upper Extremities and Hand Surgery
Dave O'Riordan Spezialist Forschung

Dave O’Riordan, BSc

Administrative Head of Research Group Spine Surgery and Neurosurgery
Julia Item Spezialistin Forschung

Julia Item, MSc ETH

Department Head Research Management
Dr. Melissa Wilhelmi Spezialistin Forschung

Dr. Melissa Wilhelmi, PhD

Research Associate Research Management

Publications and Partnerships



This is where you will find a list of the most important publications in peer-reviewed journals by Schulthess Klinik staff.
For further literature research, we recommend the online database PubMed, which contains an extensive range of material from a variety of authors on different medical topics.



Many of our multidisciplinary projects are carried out in cooperation with other institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

Latest news

Muskelkraftmessung im Human Performance Lab der Schulthess Klinik

Do hip disorders have a different impact on the muscular system in men and women?

Joint diseases often affect the surrounding muscles and hip disorders such as osteoarthritis of the hip and femoroacetabular impingement syndrome are no exception. Yet is there difference in the way these diseases impact on the muscular systems of men and women? This is the question that the research team from our Human Performance Lab and Hip Surgery department have been investigating. The team has published two studies on the subject.

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