Our Massage team not only excels in traditional massage but, as soft tissue specialists, we also provide an ideal supplement to general and sports physiotherapy with our range of applications and techniques.

Schulthess Klinik

Schulthess Klinik
Lengghalde 2
8008 Zürich

Our Massage specialists

Stefan Zingg Medizinische Massagen Schulthess Klinik

Stefan Zingg

Medical Masseur EFA
Nicolle Dellenbach Medizinische Massage

Nicolle Dellenbach

Medical Masseur EFA

Philip Stiha

Medical Masseur EFA
Sarah Leemann Spezialistin Medizinische Massage

Sarah Leemann

Medical Masseur


Single massage (55 minutes per massage)* CHF 120.–
10 massage subscription (55 minutes per massage)* CHF 1080.–
Single massage (25 minutes per massage)* CHF 70.–
10 massage subscriptiont (25 minutes per massage)* CHF 600.–

* Payment via health insurance on prescription. Without a prescription, you can claim a proportional reimbursement with relevant supplementary insurance. Please clarify the cost coverage with your insurance company in advance.

Discounted prices for school pupils and students up to the age of 28, employees at Schulthess Klinik and elite athletes on request.