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Our rehabilitation team in the Physiotherapy department is divided into specialist groups for the hips and knees, shoulders and elbows, the spinal column and sports physiotherapy. This specialisation allows us to put together an individual physiotherapy programme to achieve the patient’s goals effectively and efficiently. It is not only our methods based on scientific assessments that are of crucial importance here, but also our clinical experience and close collaboration with our resident doctors.

Our physiotherapists provide care for patients both after surgical procedures and during conservative rehabilitation from injuries/problems. Our range of services includes both conservative treatment and diagnostic assessments. Patients are advised to undergo physiotherapy after any surgical procedure, as it is critical for the success of the operation. The close cooperation between the physiotherapist and doctor ensures that the treatment measures initiated are monitored as effectively as possible.

In consultation with the attending physiotherapist and the surgeon, additional follow-up treatment may also be provided close to the patient’s home. Your attending doctor will provide you with the relevant prescriptions. Our sports physiotherapists support our athletes/patients with specialist expertise and a great deal of enthusiasm, from the conservative and postoperative phase to their return to amateur or elite sport.

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Our Physiotherapy specialists

Roger Wendelspiess Physiotherapie Schulthess Klinik

Roger Wendelspiess

Department Manager Physiotherapy and Ergotherapy
Raymond Denzler Spezialist Physiotherapie

Raymond Denzler

Team Leader Spinal Physiotherapy
Estelle Hofstetter Spezialistin Physiotherapie

Estelle Franzetti

Team Leader Sports Physiotherapy
Seraina Schmid-Vital Physiotherapie Schulthess Klinik

Seraina Schmid-Vital

Team Leader Physiotherapy Shoulder and Elbow
Benjamin Thiesmeyer Spezialist Physiotherapie

Benjamin Thiesmeyer

Team Leader Physiotherapy Hip, Knee and Foot
Sébastian Garai

Sébastian Garai

Team Leader Students Physiotherapy

Partner physiotherapy