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Overview range of services

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Schulter- und Ellbogenchirurgie Schulthess Klinik

Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

The specialists in the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery department treat patients of all ages with conditions of the shoulder and elbow, using both surgical and conservative methods. With around 1,700 inpatients, more than 4,800 individual operations and 14,000 consultations per year, the department is clearly highly effective.

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Handchirurgie Schulthess Klinik

Hand Surgery

Schulthess Klinik’s specialist Hand Surgery team covers the full range of conservative and surgical treatment options for the hand and forearm. Patients benefit from comprehensive specialist care based on many years of experience, continuous teaching and scientific research. With more than 300 inpatients, around 1,700 individual operations and 6,300 consultations, the professional, driven team has earned an excellent reputation.

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Hüftchirurgie Schulthess Klinik

Hip Surgery

The Hip Surgery department at Schulthess Klinik is Switzerland’s largest reference centre for hip replacements. The department fits over 1,200 hip prostheses every year and performs complex revision operations. In addition to prostheses, the department also offers the full range of hip surgery. This includes complex joint-preserving procedures including arthroscopic interventions, reorientation of the pelvis and hip joint, and cartilage repair procedures.

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Hero Kniechirurgie

Knee Surgery

The Knee Surgery department at Schulthess Klinik is Switzerland’s largest reference centre for endoprosthetics and revision surgery. The department performs around 850 knee replacement procedures per year. In addition to prostheses, the department also offers the full range of joint-preserving surgical options. Axial correction and complex ligament reconstructions of the knee are standardised, established procedures.

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Füsse auf Schwebebalken,  sinnbildlich für die Fusschirurgie der Schulthess Klinik

Foot Surgery

The Foot Surgery department at Schulthess Klinik is one of Europe’s largest foot centres, which focuses exclusively on treating foot and ankle problems and injuries. Five surgeons from the nine-strong medical team perform around 1,900 foot operations per year, including more than 500 hallux valgus corrections. With more than 1,400 inpatients, this centre of excellence is held in very high regard among GPs and specialist physicians.

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Rücken einer Frau

Spine Surgery

The specialist team is made up of doctors specialising in orthopaedics and neurosurgery. All the surgical physicians specialise in spinal surgery and are certified by the Swiss Society for Orthopaedics (SGO) or the Swiss Society for Neurosurgery (SGNC).

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Since 1987, the Neurology department at Schulthess Klinik has been continuously developed and enhanced by the addition of specialist neurologists. Offering the full range of neurology services, the department is now one of the largest neurology institutes for outpatients. Neurological diagnostics play an important role in interdisciplinary investigations prior to surgery and during intra-operative monitoring. The clinic’s extensive experience in this area primarily benefits patients, with 7,500 consultations carried out every year, but also young specialists in Switzerland and abroad.

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Kinder- und Jugendorthopädie Schulthess Klinik

Paediatric Orthopaedics

The Paediatric Orthopaedics department is committed to providing personalised, child-friendly care for both outpatient and inpatient cases. Interdisciplinary cooperation between the specialist departments at the clinic ensures that the highest standards are maintained, even when treating the most complex cases. The total of more than 10,000 consultations, in comparison with the 586 patients who underwent a surgery, is a clear indication that we use predominantly conservative treatment methods.

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Hero Rheumatologie

Rheumatology and Rehabilitation

The Rheumatology and Rehabilitation specialist department is the central interface for interdisciplinary diagnoses and treatment. Close cooperation between the various teams of physicians and therapists ensures that patients receive holistic care tailored to their individual needs.

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Manuelle Medizin Schulthess Klinik

Manual Medicine

Manual medicine, which has a long tradition in Switzerland, has been firmly anchored at Schulthess Klinik for decades. The range of services offered by the Manual Medicine department includes the treatment of problems affecting the spinal column, as well as conditions of the peripheral joints, such as the shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee and foot.

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Hero Sportmedizin

Sports Medicine

Schulthess Klinik has always placed great emphasis on looking after athletes. From recreational sports players to elite athletes to those returning to sporting activities – athletes of any level will find a comprehensive range of services at the clinic. The aim is to help every athlete to reach their peak performance.

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Innere Medizin Schulthess Klinik

Internal Medicine

The specialists in the Internal Medicine department offer the highest level of expertise in perioperative internal care. Incorporating professional internal medical treatment into the care programme enables even patients with complex underlying conditions to undergo orthopaedic surgery to improve their mobility and thus enhance their quality of life

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Verwachsener Baum

Deformity correction

The interdisciplinary department for complex conditions of the spinal column and extremities is the only one of its kind in Switzerland. Our highly specialised surgeons use the most precise, cutting-edge techniques available to treat congenital and acquired deformities throughout the musculoskeletal system. This unique interdisciplinary approach, which involves collective case discussions and coordinated operations, makes it possible to provide the best possible medical care to those affected.

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