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Swiss Concussion Center

By collaborating with Schulthess Klinik, the Swiss Concussion Center offers the optimal combination of specialists and long-term expertise in competitive sports for successful management following a concussion. The Swiss Concussion Center is supported by the Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation.

The Swiss Concussion Center institutionalises the management of sport-induced head injuries in Switzerland. The primary objective of the Swiss Concussion Center is to improve the resumption of routine training and competition for all sports or, in other words, to enable the respective athletes to resume practising their sports as early and safely as possible. The Swiss Concussion Center covers three focus areas: clinic (diagnosis/therapy), research and services.

The Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation has financially supported the foundation and systematic development of the Swiss Concussion Center and continues to do so. In addition, the Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation supports research in the field of head and neck injuries.