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Take part in research We need your support

The enormous amount of progress made in detecting and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system in recent years is the result of intensive research conducted at hospitals around the world. Research at Schulthess Klinik is extremely committed to improving patients’ quality of life. However, it is only possible to carry out these studies with your involvement.

Your contribution to research

There are two options for taking part in our research activities and personally contributing to medical progress:

1. You consent to your health-related data being reused for research purposes.

You will be asked about this during your first consultation at our clinic. By giving your consent, you can make a significant contribution to improving treatments for future patients. Access to and management of this data is governed in the strictest conformity with data protection legislation. Your written consent is required in order for your data to be used in accordance with Swiss research legislation.

You can find all the important information on this in our information document approved by the Cantonal Ethics Committee. You will personally receive this document and the consent form.

2. You decide to participate in one of our studies.

If you are considered for one of the specific studies, you will be personally and comprehensively informed about the study and participation by the study director. All studies must be approved by the responsible ethics committee in advance (as well as the authorities depending on the study). In order to participate in a study, your written consent on a special form is required.

Voluntary action and revocation

Your participation in research activities is voluntary. You do not need to specify a reason if you do not wish to take part in the research. You can revoke your decision to participate at any time without having to give any reasons for doing so. Refusal or revocation will not result in any penalties for you as a patient.

Benefiting the future

The results of our research projects are published and are therefore available to all interested parties. The trials are described as a whole; it is not possible to draw conclusions on individual participants. These publications are vitally important with regard to medical progress: new research findings play a role in continuously improving orthopaedic treatments.

We would like to thank you for your contribution to continuously optimised treatment and a better quality of life.

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