Orthopaedics PLUS Excellent care all round. Even in old age or with co-morbidities

Keyvisual Schulthess Klinik für Orthopädie PLUS

Schulthess Klinik has set up the “Orthopaedics PLUS” ward specifically for patients of an advanced age and/or with co-morbidities. Here, patients receive care that is ideally tailored to them, from both the Orthopaedics and the Internal Medicine departments.

Everyone needs to be able to move in a healthy and pain-free manner, regardless of how old they are and whether they suffer from other illnesses. Depending on the situation, orthopaedic treatments can significantly improve quality of life. With age and co-morbidities, however, the risks of needing surgical intervention increase and so do people’s concerns about such procedures. Comprehensive, safe and individual support therefore needs to be provided for any imminent hospital stay. 

Is this how you feel too? If so, our “Orthopaedics PLUS” ward is just the thing for you. After all, orthopaedic patients with internal disorders (such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, etc.) require both orthopaedic and internal care to ensure the most rapid results and the best possible treatment outcome. Close cooperation with your GP is another important cornerstone of our comprehensive care.

Interdisciplinary, coordinated care

Coordinated care involving our orthopaedics and internal medicine specialists has long been standard practice at Schulthess Klinik. The “Orthopaedics PLUS” ward is now looking to take this a step further and pool these resources to an even greater extent, so that our specialists can work hand in hand to care for patients on an interdisciplinary basis. This comprises a variety of aspects, including orthopaedics and internal medicine staff doing joint ward rounds, following clearly defined processes and having specially trained nurses and physiotherapists on hand. This means that you as a patient will receive comprehensive treatment tailored to your concomitant illnesses and needs. 


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