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News European Spine Journal Max Aebi Award for Clinical Sciences for study by the Spine Team

What makes major back surgery safer? Or more specifically, which monitoring method is best for preventing complications during spine surgery? This is exactly what our Spine Team investigated in a study that has been awarded the European Spine Journal Max Aebi Award for Clinical Sciences 2018/2019».

In a study with 2728 patients, the Spine Team compared the advantages of various intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) methods during spine surgery. The aim of this kind of monitoring is to prevent neurological complications during surgery.

The conclusion was reached that multimodal IONM is significantly more effective and accurate in assessing and preserving spinal cord and nerve root function during spine surgery compared to unimodal IONM. As opposed to unimodal monitoring, multimodal IONM combines the measurement of all motor and sensory nerve pathways. This is why the team recommends multimodal IONM for all complex spine operations. The Schulthess Klinik has used this method routinely for twenty years.

We would like to congratulate Dr. med. Martin A. Sutter, Dr. med. Andreas Eggspühler-von Orelli, PD Dr. med. Dezsö J. Jeszenszky, PhD, Dr. med. Frank Kleinstück, Dr. med. Tamás Fekete, PD Dr. med. Daniel Haschtmann, PD Dr. med. François Porchet, Prof. Dr. med. Jiří Dvořák on this award!

Further information on the study

Webcasts Eurospine 2019, Helsinki (access with Eurospine login)


Wirbelsäulenteam der Schulthess Klinik bei der Verleihung des European Spine Journals
On 18 October the Spine Team was presented with the award in Helsinki. (©️ EUROSPINE / APACE P.L.C. 2019)
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Prof. Jiri Dvorak

Prof. Dr. med. Jiří Dvořák

Consultant to the board / Neurology, Spine Unit

I was born 22 November 1948 in the Czech Republic. I commenced pre-clinic studies at the Charles University in Prague.  For political reasons, I left the Czech Republic in 1968 continuing my studies in Zurich. Having graduated in June 1974, I was awarded a medical degree in 1976 from the Medical Faculty in Zurich. In 1990, I was awarded the «Venia Legendi» of Zurich University for the original work on the subject of the «upper cervical spine» specialising in «Neurology, i.e. spine disorders».  In 1995 I became Professor at the University of Zurich.

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