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Medical registries

Medical registries record the health-related personal data routinely collected in daily clinical practice. These registries are used to systematically assess disease progression across all patients. Registries make it easier to bundle and quickly provide information that is essential for scientific purposes, clinical decision-making and quality control.

Systematically collecting treatment outcomes is an important cornerstone of the research carried out at Schulthess Klinik. With validated measuring instruments and efficient methods, we can reliably document the safety, efficacy and costs of treatment as precisely as possible. Recording the patient’s baseline status and treatment outcomes is critical to assessing the efficacy of a treatment from a patient’s perspective. The data acquired allows us to generate outcome predictions to support the medical decision-making process.

Current registries

The Research department currently runs the following registries:

Spine surgery

  • Registry for spine surgery

Lower extremities

  • Registry for femoroacetabular impingement (impaired movement in the hip joint)
  • Registry for hip replacements
  • Registry for knee replacements
  • Registry for the meniscus, cruciate ligament and cartilage
  • Registry for foot surgery

Upper extremities

  • Registry for shoulder joint replacements
  • Registry for rotator cuffs (tear in the tendons around the shoulder)
  • Registry for trauma (shoulder)
  • Registry for prosthetic proximal interphalangeal joints
  • Registry for patient-specific forearm implants
  • Registry for Dupuytren’s contracture (disease affecting the connective tissue in the palms)

Each of these registries contains specific, patient-related information. The spine registry, for example, has continuously documented all spinal surgeries carried out since 2004.

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