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News Schulthess Klinik Annual Report – «In a crisis, good becomes even better»

In 2020, which was a particularly challenging year on account of the pandemic, the 1,112 employees at Schulthess Klinik showed how positive results can be achieved with team spirit, commitment, flexibility and plenty of new ideas. This enabled the clinic to live up to the trust of its patients and referring physicians even during the Covid crisis and almost match last year’s figures.

In 2020, the clinic treated 7,671 inpatients, performed 9,215 operations and carried out 114,152 outpatient consultations. Schulthess Klinik closed out the year with a turnover of CHF 188.1 million. The proportion of patients with general and supplementary insurance was quite well balanced at 51.6% and 48.4% respectively. The comprehensive online Annual Report explains the factors at play behind these figures.

With lockdown and the many planning uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, 2020 proved to be a challenging year for Schulthess Klinik and its employees. It was a year where past decisions were often no longer valid in the present and everyone was affected by a significant lack of certainty. «But it was also a year in which our excellent corporate culture was strengthened even further by the crisis and the increased sense of togetherness was clearly noticeable», says CEO Andrea Rytz. «I am enormously proud of our employees and everything they achieved in 2020.»

Every professional group counts.

As a specialist orthopaedic clinic, Schulthess Klinik specialises in the sophisticated treatment of the musculoskeletal system. With their interdisciplinary approach, its specialist departments work closely together. Treatment may be surgical or non-surgical, i.e. with or without an operation. The results achieved by Schulthess Klinik’s integrated Research department are incorporated into everyday clinical practice at the facility. Its long-standing tradition of research has meant that Schulthess Klinik has conducted over 153,000 patient surveys since 2004 with the aim of continually improving treatment. The doctors and research teams share the knowledge they gain from these surveys in publications and teaching activities. The 123 peer-reviewed publications and 154 lectures and training sessions represent just a portion of the clinic’s scientific output in 2020.

Many people and entire professional groups, who would usually do most of their work behind the scenes, suddenly moved into the foreground in 2020. This gave some the opportunity to become much more aware of how important many areas of work are that would otherwise be taken for granted. The impeccably hygienic cleaning of work areas and equipment, the IT support for remote working, the technical service on site and the logistics, which needed to be quickly adapted to constantly changing situations, are just a few of the examples of this.

These represent some of the many positive developments that came about at Schulthess Klinik in 2020. All presented under the motto «in a crisis, good becomes even better», you can find plenty of information about this, including detailed figures, online. In an effort to ease the strain on the environment, Schulthess Klinik has once again decided not to publish the complete Annual Report in a printed version. The most important information from the report was distributed to a small circle of recipients as a hard copy printed on environmentally friendly card.