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News CapFlex: findings from using the interphalangeal joint prosthesis published after five years

Our hand surgeons use the CapFlex prosthesis developed at our clinic to treat many cases of osteoarthritis in the interphalangeal joints. It is a surface replacement made of metal, with a polyethylene sliding surface. After over ten years of working with the implant and more than 330 CapFlex prostheses implanted at the Schulthess Klinik, we have now published the initial findings in a renowned international journal, five years after surgery.

Clear improvement in pain and hand function

Our 65 patients who attended the five-year check-up showed a significant improvement in pain and hand function compared with before the surgery. On average, they were able to move the interphalangeal joint 54°, which is sufficient for very good use in everyday life. Fingers that were crooked before the operation were straightened for the most part. 

Relatively low revision rate

As is the case with all operations, there are of course some cases where using the CapFlex prosthesis did not achieve the hoped-for outcome. Unfortunately, in 4% of patients, we had to take the prosthesis out again and insert a silicone implant or reinforce the joint. However, this revision rate is significantly lower than the revision rates for other types of prostheses made of similar materials – according to the specialist literature, the revision rates for the these are up to 27%.   

We would like to thank all patients for their reliable contributions to the survey. Their support is what enables us to continuously develop and enhance our operations and treatments.   

To the «Surface replacing arthroplasty of the proximal interphalangeal joint using the CapFlex-PIP implant: a prospective study with 5-year outcomes» study