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Clinical trials

At Schulthess Klinik, we work closely with doctors to carry out clinical trials in a variety of fields. The objective is to review the efficacy and safety of health-related interventions, treatments, medicinal products or medical devices. The findings are integrated into daily clinical practice.

Important aspects of clinical trials are defined start and end points, specified inclusion and exclusion criteria, a defined number of patients, trial-specific information and consent, as well as trial-specific tests.

Before a trial is conducted and patients may be recruited, every clinical trial must be approved by the ethics commission and, depending on the type and risk level of the trial, by the relevant authorities as well. As part of this process, patient and data safety, their protection and rights, and product safety are assessed. Trial-specific data may only be collected once information has been provided and patients have signed a consent form.

Design and methodology

Trial design and methodology are central elements in planning a trial. In the past, a number of research questions were answered using existing data (retrospective trials). In the case of most ongoing trials today, data is collected during the trial (prospective trials).

Our research groups support doctors throughout the entire process of a clinical trial and provide methodological help, research infrastructure, competence in carrying out clinical trials and statistical evaluations. Over the course of a trial, the medical team and research group regularly exchange information.

At Schulthess Klinik, clinical trials are conducted in various key areas of research, such as outcome research, fundamental research, prosthesis development, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis, clinical movement analysis and investigations into the function of the skeletal muscles.

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