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News Schulthess Klinik Annual Report: All-round expertise for healthy movement and exercise

Schulthess Klinik can look back on an extremely successful year. In 2019, our clinic took care of 7,798 inpatients, performed 9,364 surgical procedures and conducted 121,253 outpatient consultations. Turnover in 2019 amounted to CHF 194.1 million. With a 51.1% of patients holding general insurance cover and 48.9% of patients with supplementary insurance, the relationship between the two insurance groups is more or less balanced. The Annual Report provides information on how our figures were achieved.

Indeed, each of these figures was made possible by a broad range of expertise and services – and above all, the people who provide them. The Schulthess Klinik Annual Report offers a detailed overview of the clinic’s various specialist departments and their accomplishments in 2019.

A total of 1,135 employees from 48 countries at Schulthess Klinik focus their attention on relieving people from pain, restoring their mobility and getting them back to everyday life and sporting activities. «I’m incredibly proud of our successful results – and above all, our entire team, which displayed extraordinary effort and performance last year,» says Schulthess Klinik CEO Andrea Rytz. «Without each and every one of our people, we never could have achieved such good results and, more importantly, we wouldn’t have been able to help so many patients and move forward with the development of orthopaedic medicine.»   

All-round expertise: scientifically based and networked

Staff at Schulthess Klinik’s specialist departments have extensive experience and work closely together in an interdisciplinary and scientifically based manner. The departments utilise both surgical and non-surgical approaches, depending on the medical situation in question.

The results achieved by Schulthess Klinik’s integrated Research department are incorporated into everyday clinical practice at our facility. Patients' needs are addressed to the greatest extent possible. For example, Schulthess Klinik has a long-standing tradition of research that also includes more than 136,000 patient surveys that have been conducted since 2004. Our physicians and research teams pass on the knowledge gained from these surveys in their publications and teaching activities. A total of 122 peer-reviewed publications, 222 lectures and training courses, and several scientific awards represent just a portion of our clinic’s scientific output in 2019.

We continued to expand our healthcare sector networking activities last year. Whether it’s teaching and research in partnerships with universities such as ETH and the University of Zurich, or the strengthening of the Lengg medical cluster as a centre of knowledge and a driver of innovation for the healthcare sector in Zurich – Schulthess Klinik understands that if patients are to truly benefit from care and treatment, then synergies need to be exploited in order to expand research, develop new treatment approaches and increase innovation in the healthcare sector.

In an effort to ease the strain on the environment, Schulthess Klinik has once again decided not to publish the complete Annual Report in a printed version. The most important information from the report was distributed to a small circle of recipients as a hard copy printed on sustainable grass paper. The detailed report with additional figures and, above all, extensive information on how these figures were achieved is available online: