News Isoforce hand splint outrigger launches internationally

The Isoforce outrigger was launched internationally on 11 June. This outrigger for hand splints was developed in partnership between Schulthess Klinik and ETH Zurich for use in ergotherapy.

The Isoforce outrigger forms part of a hand splint, and is used to treat injuries and diseases that permanently restrict movement in the interphalangeal joint. It also supports therapy by passively exercising the wearer‘s range of motion. The Isoforce design is contoured to better match the natural human anatomy when compared to many other outriggers, which makes it gentler on the joint.

The results of the accompanying biomechanical study were published in the Journal of Hand Therapy:

Marrel M, Jörn Good U, Marks M, Herren DB, Goldhahn J. Isoforce: a new outrigger system for static progressive orthotic interventions of the proximal interphalangeal joint with constant force transmission – Results of a biomechanical study. J Hand Ther. 2016, 29: 451-8. 


The Isoforce outrigger was developed in partnership between Schulthess Klinik and ETH Zurich. The Ergotherapy team at Schulthess Klinik incorporated the outrigger into patient treatment several years ago, and the design has continued to garner a great deal of interest among ergotherapy professionals at countless training events held in Switzerland and abroad.

Distributed internationally by Orfit

Orfit, the international retailer of medical equipment, took over the manufacture and global distribution of the outrigger on 11 June. We are delighted to have found a partner as strong as Orfit to help more and more patients benefit from the Isoforce design.