News Fascinating presentations and Greatest Future Clinical Application Award at the SGH/SGHR Hand Surgery Congress

Our team from Hand Surgery and Research came out victorious for another year at the national SGH/SGHR Hand Surgery Congress in Interlaken. In addition to numerous other speakers, we gave several lectures and moderated discussions, presented new scientific findings and exchanged ideas with colleagues from all across Switzerland.

Gruppenbild Handchirurgiekongress in Interlaken Schulthess Klinik
From the left: Olivia Helder, Dr. med. Lea Estermann, Dr. med. Nina Fuchs, Dr. med. univ. Vanessa Reischenböck, Dr. med. Stephan Schindele, Dr. phil. Miriam Marks, Dr. med. Michael Brodbeck, Dr. med. Sylvia Kündig, Birgit Steiger und Pascal Behm (not on the picture: Dr. med. Daniel Herren MHA)

Dr. med. Lea Estermann, who was an Assistant Physician at our facility, was also fortunate enough to be honoured with the Greatest Future Clinical Application Award for her presentation. This award was sponsored by the company Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (sobi) and is intended for specialist physician candidates. It commends the presentation with the greatest potential for future clinical application and is presented to the main author of the study. The «Determinants of long-term patient satisfaction after MCP-arthroplasty in inflammatory joint disease» study investigated patient satisfaction following joint replacement in patients with inflammatory finger joint disorders. Other authors include Dr. phil. Miriam Marks, Dr. med. Sylvia Kündig, Dr. med. Daniel Herren and Dr. med. Stephan Schindele from the Schulthess Klinik.

We are delighted that one of our former Assistant Physicians has been presented with this award for a joint study and would like to congratulate Dr. Lea Estermann!

Greatest Future Clinical Application Award Preisübergabe an Dr. Lea Estermann
Dr. med. Stephan Schindele, Co-Head of Hand Surgery, Dr. med. Lea Estermann, former Assistant Physician , and Franco Dorizzi, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum SOBI at the award ceremony
Dr. phil. Miriam Marks Spezialistin Forschung

Dr. phil. Miriam Marks, PhD

Research Associate Upper Extremities and Hand Surgery
Dr. med. Sylvia Kündig Spezialistin Handchirurgie

Dr. med. Sylvia Kündig

Consultant Hand Surgery
Dr. med. Daniel Herren

Dr. med. Daniel Herren MHA

Head of Hand Surgery
Dr. med. Stephan Schindele Spezialist Handchirurgie

Dr. med. Stephan Schindele

Co-Head of Hand Surgery
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