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News Dezsö Jeszenszky awarded title of professor

On 8 September 2020, the University of Debrecen in Hungary awarded Dezsö Jeszenszky the title of professor at a formal ceremony. We would like to congratulate Prof. Dezsö Jeszenszky on this milestone and we are delighted to have a spine surgeon on board who has worked tirelessly on behalf of patients for many years.

Dezsö J. Jeszenszky was awarded the venia docendi (which entitles him to teach at university level) back on 19 November, with the celebratory inaugural lecture taking place at the Medical University of Debrecen in Hungary. His postdoctoral thesis entitled «New surgical procedures in the treatment of paediatric spinal column diseases» outlines just what he has achieved over the years in the treatment of children with scoliosis and other diseases of the spinal column. For years, Prof. Jeszenszky’s tireless commitment and pioneering spirit have kept driving improvements in the treatment of these patients.
Find out more about his achievements in the report on the celebration in honour of his postdoctoral thesis, which we held last December.

Video ceremony (presentation certificate starting from 59:50:00)

Video of the ceremony at the University of Debrecen, for the presentation of the certificate to Prof. Dezsö Jeszenszky fast forward to 59:50:00
Photo source: University of Debrecen