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News 300th CapFlex prosthesis at the Schulthess Klinik - for pain-free finger joints

On 30.01.2020, Dr. med. Daniel Herren, Head of Hand Surgery, implanted the 300th CapFlex prosthesis into a patient here at our clinic. The artificial finger joint was developed at the Schulthess Klinik for patients with painful finger middle joints. It has been used over 1000 times worldwide.

The CapFlex prosthesis was designed with the natural contours of the finger joint in mind. It is intended to provide greater stability, especially for the index and middle finger, than the silicone prostheses that have been commonly used to date. Lateral stability is important in order to have sufficient strength in the fingers and to be pain-free in everyday life. The short and mid-term results of the CapFlex prosthesis are very encouraging. Most patients are satisfied with the treatment results and can use their fingers in daily life without the sensation of pain.

Handchirurgie- und Forschungsteam
From left to right: Dr. med. Michael Brodbeck, Dr. med. Vanessa Reischenböck, Aysen Ocak, Dr. med. Stephan Schindele, Dr. med. Miriam Marks, Martina Wehrli, Michael Oyewale.
CapFlex prosthesis for the finger middle joint - developed at the Schulthess Klinik
Dr. med. Daniel Herren

Dr. med. Daniel Herren MHA

Head of Hand Surgery