News Schulthess Klinik keeps moving forward with positive results

Schulthess Klinik carried out 10,000 operations and 133,126 outpatient consultations in 2022, and generated a very positive result. The clinic’s annual report shows how its 1,149 employees from 47 nations achieved this. And all under the motto: «We are in motion because we are building on a strong foundation.»

The specialist orthopaedic clinic achieved a turnover of CHF 205.9 million last year, with an EBITDA margin of 11.8%. As always, the clinic invested a large part of this revenue in its research work. The research results and official quality figures attest the high quality of medical treatment the clinic provides to its patients. 51% of the 8,294 inpatients had general insurance cover, 49% had supplementary insurance cover.

The full online annual report recognises what lies behind these figures and the quality they demonstrate, and provides a detailed insight into the various specialist departments.

This result marks the second time in its history that Schulthess Klinik has surpassed CHF 200 million in turnover. «This result is due to the enormous commitment of our 1,149 employees,» CEO Andrea Rytz proudly reports. In 2022, the entire clinic took a close look at its DNA: the purpose of its foundation, its mission statement and the pioneers of its history. According to Andrea Rytz, «We are in motion because we are building on a strong foundation» is not just a motto – it is what defines Schulthess Klinik.

Pioneering spirit

Relieving the pain of people with musculoskeletal problems and restoring their mobility – this was the goal of the clinic’s founder Wilhelm Schulthess back in 1883 and is anchored in the purpose of the Wilhelm Schulthess foundation, which has supported the clinic since 1935. According to the Schulthess Klinik mission statement, its employees combine cutting-edge medicine, innovation and humanity to ensure treatment is successful.

The clinic’s foundation on which it pioneers cutting-edge medicine is its vast experience and high degree of specialisation. It focuses entirely on the musculoskeletal system. Within the clinic, this specialisation is taken on by the various specialist departments and their teams. These teams are led by internationally recognised experts in both conservative and surgical approaches in their respective fields; in turn, the teams work together on an interdisciplinary basis. The foundation for this team structure and division into specialisms was laid as early as the 1960s by the hospital director at the time, Norbert Gschwend.

Norbert Gschwend also paved the way for the clinic’s outcomes research in the 1970s with the creation of its internal documentation centre for hip and knee prostheses, which has been increasingly systematised and made more professional over the intervening years – always with the aim of continuously improving treatment. The clinic’s specialists have passed on their knowledge to others in Switzerland and internationally through 462 publications and training courses in 2022 alone.

Outcomes research completes the circle of quality and good results. Andrea Rytz is convinced that «you can only grow and achieve positive financial results with an outstanding quality of medicine and well defined processes.» The Schulthess Klinik CEO added, «This then enables us to invest in targeted outcomes research, which in turn benefits the quality of medicine and, most importantly, patients.»

Charitable foundation philosophy

«At Schulthess Klinik, cutting-edge medicine and innovation founded on a sound scientific basis have always gone hand in hand,» explains Michael Leunig, CMO and Head of Hip Surgery. «Humanity in our approach is at least as important to us as these things, and so is the charitable philosophy of our Foundation.» This is particularly evidenced by the Patient Assistance Fund, which supports patients from Switzerland and abroad who are facing complex orthopaedic treatment that they cannot afford. For example, this has also meant the clinic was able to treat children from crisis areas and war zones in 2022.

In the interest of the environment, Schulthess Klinik has once again decided not to publish a complete printed version of the Annual Report. The most important information from the report has been printed on environmentally friendly paper and distributed to a small circle of recipients.