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News CYBATHLON’s medical partner in new global format too

A competition in which people with physical disabilities compete against each other to complete everyday tasks using state-of-the-art technical assistance systems – this is CYBATHLON 2020. Schulthess Klinik is supporting the event as a medical partner in the new global format too, which is due to the coronavirus pandemic and taking place on 13 and 14 November 2020.

CYBATHLON is a project initiated by ETH Zurich that offers a platform to help promote the development of assistance systems suitable for everyday use and increase awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Teams from all over the world compete in six different disciplines.

Acting as a medical partner in the new global format too

The coronavirus pandemic also posed new challenges for the CYBATHLON team. CYBATHLON 2020 will thus now be held in a global format – wherever the teams live. The competitions will be broadcast live on a new platform.

Find out why and how Schulthess Klinik supports CYBATHLON as a medical partner, including in the new global format, and further background information on our commitment – a commitment to a humane approach, innovation and top-class medical services.