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Foot Surgery

Annual Report 2022

Füsse auf Schwebebalken,  sinnbildlich für die Fusschirurgie der Schulthess Klinik
outpatient consultations
feet operated on
hallux surgeries

Our Foot Surgery department treats injuries and diseases of the entire foot and ankle. With almost 2,000 feet operated on and over 18,000 outpatient consultations last year alone, we are one of the largest foot centres in Europe. We can also treat many conditions conservatively, i.e. without surgical intervention. Working closely with referring physicians and internal departments is part of our daily routine.

We can look back on a very successful year in which we were well able to meet the sharply increasing demand for consultations. This was possible thanks to Schulthess Klinik’s outstanding infrastructure, our highly motivated 26-member team and excellent department organisation. A foundation we can always rely on. This allows us to prioritise patient service and close contact with our referring physicians.

A broad offering to get our patients moving again

Our team of 10 doctors in Foot Surgery uses its expertise to serve people with diseases, injuries and other problems affecting the foot and ankle. As part of this, we aim to avoid surgery wherever possible. We have four doctors providing exclusively non-surgical treatment who work closely with the surgeons to devise the best treatment path for each patient case. We now use neural therapy, a tool that can be employed to alleviate chronic pain in the foot, to complement our range of holistic treatment options.

Before we undertake any treatments, patients undergo a careful diagnostic process. This can take a long time, as foot problems in particular are often difficult to diagnose.

Our motivation and primary goal are to restore independence and freedom of movement to those affected. In line with the foundation’s philosophy, our team offers the best possible treatment to all patients regardless of their class of insurance.

None of this would be possible without each and every member of our incredible, kind reception and secretarial team, whose work centres around empathy and compassion.

Thanks to our referring physicians

An indispensable part of our success can be attributed to the continuous and productive cooperation with our loyal referring physicians. Our direct hotline is available during office hours and ensures we are able to provide immediate assistance with urgent questions and swiftly process emergency referrals.

Our popular GP workshops unfortunately had to be cancelled again in 2022, but we are aiming to bring them back as soon as possible.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Collaboration with the various Schulthess Klinik departments is extremely important to us. In particular, the expertise of our colleagues in Neurology, Rheumatology and Sports Medicine is vital. In urgent cases, they provide prompt interdisciplinary consults, which we appreciate very much and which ultimately benefits the patients.

Minimally invasive procedures

Thanks to our extensive expertise from almost 30 years of working in the field of foot surgery, we perform operations in our department to a very high standard. Our considerable experience helps us make the right choice together with the patient. As part of the process, we approach explaining the various options with a great deal of tact and sensitivity.

Operation Achillessehne minimal-invasive Technik
An example of a minimally invasive procedure: Achilles tendon suturing

As time goes on, we are performing more and more minimally invasive procedures, i.e. with only the smallest of incisions. For example, in suitable cases, classic surgical procedures such as fusion of the upper ankle joint can also be performed arthroscopically instead of in open surgery. Very recent Achilles tendon ruptures have been treated via minimally invasive techniques in our foot centre for many years. Thanks to our experience with all surgical procedures, the patient is able to benefit from the most suitable method for them.

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