Annual Report 2022

X-ray examinations
digital X-ray images

Our Radiology department is equipped with state-of-the-art, dose-reduced X-ray facilities and specialises in the musculoskeletal system. We always aim for the highest quality X-ray images and excellent patient satisfaction. We managed to achieve this again in 2022, thanks to the daily combination of innovative technology and empathetic and well-trained employees.

High-quality X-ray services are vital for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of conditions of the musculoskeletal system. We are able to achieve this level of quality not only thanks to our modern infrastructure of innovative and digital solutions, but also our entire team of specialists. The team has solid training and experience in the various diagnostic areas such as radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine and is committed to our patients, showing them empathy on a daily basis. Thank you.

In order to meet the medical and individual needs of our patients, we are always looking to improve and constantly develop both the clinic’s infrastructure and our processes.

Latest EOS full-body imaging

Full-body imaging (EOS) enables us to carry out precise diagnostics on the entire body in the field of paediatric orthopaedics, spine surgery and knee surgery. This state-of-the-art technology allows the whole body to be scanned in just a few seconds with a very low dose of radiation. Thanks to innovations in this area, we are at the cutting edge of technology: for our patients, referring physicians and staff.

After 10 years of successfully using EOS full-body imaging, we decided to upgrade to the new EOSedge model and put it into operation in 2022. This is the first EOSedge to be installed in a Swiss medical institution. In addition, one-shot stitching has been installed in our reference centre for full-body imaging. This enables a long image format (full-body imaging) with short exposure, i.e. with a single short exposure (one shot).

The new EOS unit gives us an even higher image quality at the same radiation dose thanks to sensitive photon counting detectors and new FlexDose technology. Additional options for capturing special images, such as of the spine in flexion or extension, relieve the pressure on our other X-ray rooms. This means patients do not have to go to multiple rooms during their examination; they also benefit from a lower dose of radiation.

EOS Ganzkörper-Bildgebung
State-of-the-art full-body imaging (EOS) enables precise whole-body diagnostics with a very low radiation dose.

The staff quickly got to grips with the simple operation of the EOSedge model. The large opening and lifting platform make it easier for patients to get in. Examination times are shorter and imaging is faster and more efficient. This means we are able to process more patients and waiting times for appointments are shorter. This also applies to external referrals, which we have been accepting since November 2021, even without a diagnosis.

Short processing times

Given the increasing number of patients, we have reorganised our work processes and improved equipment to further increase work productivity. Patients should not have to spend time with us unnecessarily. This is why our goal in 2022 was to achieve a treatment and processing time of less than 30 minutes for more than 90% of patients. And we went one better by achieving this for 98% of patients.

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