Sports Medicine

Annual Report 2022

Sportmedizin Schulthess Klinik

The Sports Medicine team in our Swiss Olympic Medical Center cares for patients and athletes at every sporting level. Professional, amateur, junior or casual athletes – Schulthess Klinik cares for all of them on site or even on the sports field. We use our experience, broad range of expertise and empathy to do our best to help our patients get moving and performing in good health.

Helping people – yesterday and every day

Helping people with conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system is our vision. This was the goal of our founder Wilhelm Schulthess in 1883 and is also anchored in the purpose of the Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation, which has supported the clinic since 1935. In the words of our mission statement: “We ensure the long-term success of our treatment with a combination of cutting-edge medicine, innovation and humanity.” Our sports medicine team combines these principles in a multi-faceted way for everyone from casual amateurs to top athletes.

Experience and broad expertise as a foundation

Our experienced team treats and cares for patients and athletes in consultations at the clinic as well as on the playing field. If necessary, we provide easy access to specialists at the clinic as well as a comprehensive international sports medicine network.

All patients, regardless of age and sporting level, benefit from our many years of experience and practical and innovative insights into top-level sport.

A backlog of mobility needs and lots of emotion

After the enforced slow period that resulted from Covid-19 restrictions, 2022 was a busy year and we had a considerable backlog to contend with. The joy of the athletes at being able to compete against each other again and in front of an audience was a sight to behold – showing just how many emotions sport can inspire.

For example, the performance of FCZ and the ZSC Lions – teams we treat – provided an insight into how close success and failure can be sometimes. FCZ rose to the top through a turbulent championship and became Swiss champions for the 13th time in the club’s history in both the women’s and men’s categories. The ZSC Lions, however, just lost the final series and moved into their new state-of-the-art stadium as runners-up in October.

Successful recertification as a Swiss Olympic Medical Center

Logo Swiss Olympic Medical Center

In December, we were successfully certified as a Swiss Olympic Medical Center for another four years. Swiss Olympic is the umbrella organisation of Swiss sport and the National Olympic Committee of Switzerland.


Qualified and experienced specialists in sports medicine and sports physiotherapy and sports medicine/physiotherapy field work are among the requirements for certification. In this area, we also regularly looked after Swiss athletes in our clinic and on the sports field last year.

We are pleased that we can continue to support Swiss competitive sport with our expertise and experience and realise our vision. Our sincere thanks go to the teams and associations in our care for their excellent cooperation, flexibility and the trust they have placed in us. We would like to thank our staff for their commitment and the entire clinic for its sport-friendly culture, which promotes and supports exercise in all its forms, all of which is in keeping with the Schulthess Foundation’s philosophy.

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