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Annual Report 2022

Fokusaufnahme in der Küche beim Rüsten
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organic vegetables

In hospitality, a wide variety of professional groups work hand in hand. The aim is always to support the medical process and all our services and to make sure our patients have a pleasant stay with us. We always keep a close eye on human resources and the environment.

Employees as the foundation of our services

From creating healthy and delicious menus and professional cleaning of surgical areas to hospital reception and room service, more than 120 employees made up of 27 nationalities and from a wide range of professions work very closely to ensure that everything runs like clockwork. They all work hard every day to provide excellent support for the core medical processes and to make sure our patients have a pleasant stay.

In 2022, we recruited and successfully trained 35 new employees in hospitality despite a serious shortage of skilled workers. 

Recruitment during skilled worker shortages

Finding – and retaining – good employees on the job market is becoming increasingly difficult. In order to identify and address any issues, we have introduced structured satisfaction surveys for hospitality during the staff training period. The surveys conducted in 2022 showed a gratifyingly positive level of satisfaction among new employees in training. After two months, 71% of new employees feel very much at ease and that the team has accepted them. 74% of new employees have already thoroughly got to grips with their new tasks and responsibilities after two months. 

Always in motion

Einturnen Reinigungsteam

To be able to perform well in the long term, we have to keep moving: with our bodies, with our minds and with our processes.

A literal example of this is the daily group warm-ups the cleaning teams do in the mornings and evenings. This not only motivates them physically, but also inspires a good mood and more fun at work in housekeeping – even in the early hours.

The education and training of our employees keeps us fit for the future and upcoming changes. For example, the Housekeeping department conducted 17 training sessions, covering various topics including work techniques and ergonomics. 

We are always monitoring our processes and adapting them where needed. For example, beds are now cleaned directly in the patient’s room instead of bringing the beds to the bed centre every day for cleaning. Our patients benefit from more peace and quiet on the wards and our staff and lift resources are not put under as much pressure. 

Its through the many steps like these that we are continuously improving cooperation with other departments and finding new ways to conserve our resources. 

We sincerely thank our employees for their commitment to the well-being of our patients and for keeping moving thanks to their flexibility and openness.

Sustainability: always in focus

Last year, there was once again a lot of motion in hospitality with the “Schulthess goes green” initiative. We implemented a total of 22 measures in hospitality. 

For example, we made our menu planning even more innovative and sustainable in 2022 by stopping using wild-caught fish and shrimps for good. We also rewrote the à la carte menu for our private patients with sustainability principles in mind. We closely analysed the sorting of waste in the clinic and tested out additional recycling stations, which resulted in improved waste separation overall.

We successfully completed numerous additional projects and have already defined various measures for 2023. Others will be added over time and will also be communicated more intensively internally and externally. 

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