Prof. Dr. med. Jiří Dvořák

Prof. Jiri Dvorak

I was born 22 November 1948 in the Czech Republic. I commenced pre-clinic studies at the Charles University in Prague.  For political reasons, I left the Czech Republic in 1968 continuing my studies in Zurich. Having graduated in June 1974, I was awarded a medical degree in 1976 from the Medical Faculty in Zurich. In 1990, I was awarded the «Venia Legendi» of Zurich University for the original work on the subject of the «upper cervical spine» specialising in «Neurology, i.e. spine disorders».  In 1995 I became Professor at the University of Zurich.

Funzione e Specializzazione

Consultant to the board / Neurology, Spine Unit

Al dipartimento Neurologia