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The Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation

Schulthess Klinik has been supported by the non-profit Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation since 1935. People, their mobility and quality of life are at the heart of our day-to-day work. We devote all our energy to providing our patients with the best possible care and ensuring their quick recovery. We are also helping to make treatments better and safer with our long-standing tradition of research.

The Board of Trustees

The Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation voluntary Board of Trustees is made up of 15 members who bring their skills and experience in politics, business, medicine and science to the table. It is the highest body in the Foundation and is responsible for the fundamental approach of the Foundation and the Klinik, as well as for supervising their activities.


Franz K. von Meyenburg*

Vice President

Hans-Georg Syz*


Konstantin von Schulthess*

President of the Working Party

Hans-Georg Syz*

Members of the Board of Trustees

Dr. iur. Beat M. Barthold*
Peter E. Bodmer
Lucius Dürr
Christian J. Engi
Prof. Dr. Detlef Günther
Hans Gut*
Dr. iur. Ursula Gut-Winterberger
Theres Lepori
Hans Ulrich Märki*
Robert Naville
René Stammbach
Christoph Theler
Dr. iur. Beat Walti
Prof. Dr. med. lic. iur. Thomas B. Zeltner

 *Member of the Working Party

The sphere of action


The history

The clinic has come a long way and made tremendous technological progress between its founding by Wilhelm Schulthess and today’s centre of excellence. What has remained over the years, however, is the demand for the highest quality in the interests of our patients.



We make a difference with top-class medical services, a humane approach and innovation, along with a strong network consisting of over 60 Swiss and international cooperation partners from practice and science.



The scientific work carried out by the Teaching, Research and Development department supports the clinic’s departments and thus helps improve patient care. 



Your donations support patients and help to drive forward medical development.



Your contact for questions and further information about the foundation

Ohne Foto

Simone Marquart

Head of Strategic Cooperation