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Researching the function of skeletal muscles

The main focus of this research is investigating the functionality of the skeletal muscles in orthopaedic patients. The objective is to analyse the recovery of muscle function and to assess its relation to the shape of the joint and the symptoms.

Objective quantification

Many neural and muscular structures react to disuse and rehabilitation with plastic changes. The primary aim of studies in this field is to objectively quantify the damage to muscle functionality (e.g. muscle weakness) using precise and reliable methods.

Development of new interventions

Furthermore, the aim is to demonstrate the mechanisms and functional implications related to the damage in selected groups of orthopaedic patients. As soon as the possible causes and consequences of weakened muscle function are identified, new interventions can be developed in order to examine the effectiveness of operations or rehabilitation.

New rehabilitation programmes are being developed, for example, with the aim of optimising patients’ healing process. Various non-invasive devices and methods (such as dynamometry, surface electromyography and ultrasound etc.) can be used as part of these programmes to objectively gauge the profile and functionality of skeletal muscles before and after an intervention.

This approach was used to examine the feasibility and effectiveness of a new training therapy as a conservative treatment option for patients with femoroacetabular impingement. The therapy concerns a pathomechanism of the hip joint that can result in hip injuries, pain and early development of hip arthrosis.

Funktion der Skelettmuskulatur Kraft- und Muskelaktivitätsmessung mittels Dynamometrie und Elektromyographie
Force and muscle activity measurement using dynamometry and electromyography
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