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Dear patients,

Coronavirus continues to spread in Switzerland. It is understandable that this development is leading to uncertainty, also with regard to any upcoming scheduled stay at the clinic. Below you will find the most important information on the measures currently being taken by Schulthess Klinik. You will also find answers to questions you may have if you are scheduled to undergo a medical or surgical procedure in the near future.

What measures are being taken at Schulthess Klinik?

Schulthess Klinik is well prepared to deal with the situation. Our actions are based on the recommendations issued by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). The current recommendations on appropriate behaviour are being displayed in the clinic in a very visible manner, and our employees are being continually updated on the associated behavioural guidelines. 

How high is the risk of infection in the clinic?

It is extremely important to us to ensure that all hygiene measures and requirements are complied with and that all further FOPH recommendations will be followed. The danger of infection for both patients and clinic staff is therefore low.

Will my scheduled operation / treatment take place as planned?

In most cases no.

By order of the Department of Health and the Federal Council, only urgently required medical and surgical procedures will be performed from Saturday, 21 March 2020 onwards. Other procedures, treatments, etc. will have to be postponed to at least 20 April 2020. This measure is designed to ensure that sufficient materials and personnel remain available to treat coronavirus patients.

The only medical or surgical procedures that may be performed are those relating to situations in which the failure to perform the procedure:

  • would lower the life expectancy of the patient in question,
  • would result in some type of permanent damage,
  • would lead to a considerable risk of a massive deterioration of the situation, or to an emergency hospitalisation over the next three months, or
  • would have an extraordinarily negative impact on quality of life (in particular with regard to pain).

We will contact you in the event that your doctor's appointment / surgical procedure is not going to take place as planned. 

Will my consultation appointment go ahead as planned? / Can I make a new consultation appointment?

Effective immediately, consultations that have already been scheduled will be conducted over the phone. In other words, our specialists will contact you. A determination of the urgency and necessity of a consultation at our clinic will be made on the basis of the telephone consultation. If necessary, an appointment will then be arranged.

New consultation appointments of a non-urgent nature will also be arranged, but such appointments will not be scheduled for any time before early May.

Patients who absolutely need to be present for a consultation and urgently require treatment will be given an appointment in the clinic. The question of urgency will be decided on by the attending doctor in consultation with our Chief Medical Officer and in line with the latest stipulations issued by the Department of Health. 

Will my outpatient physiotherapy session in the clinic take place?

In most cases no.

Our Physiotherapy department only treats patients shortly after they have undergone surgery, or in an emergency situation. We will contact you in the event that your scheduled appointment is not going to take place as planned.

What should I do if I experience flu-like symptoms before a procedure, or if someone I’ve had contact with experiences such symptoms?

If this is the case, please call your family doctor or the emergency physician hotline (0800 33 66 55). The result of the consultation will determine whether your procedure can go ahead as planned or if it needs to be postponed. If your operation has to be postponed, please contact our patient disposition immediately, either you or your family doctor. T 044 385 75 16 or 044 385 75 26 or by e-mail

How can I protect myself?

To best protect yourself, please have a look at the current recommendations of the FOPH

Can I visit relatives/friends?

At the moment, no one may visit a patient at Schulthess Klinik. There are special rules here with regard to children who have had surgery at our clinic.

How can I currently travel to the clinic?

Due to the current situation, the hospital shuttle service from Stadelhofen station will not be running from 1 April to 30 April (inclusive). Patients can get here by public transport (Bagrist stop), or by car.

If you are travelling by car, please park in the outdoor parking spaces outside the main entrance.  The underground car park is closed. Parking is extremely limited and many spaces are reserved for healthcare staff.

Is Schulthess Training open?

Due to the current situation, Schulthess Training will remain closed to customers with season tickets and to MTT patients until further notice. 

Is Albatros Training open?

Due to the current situation, Albatros Training will remain closed until further notice. 

Is the Performance Diagnostics department open?

Due to the guidelines now in effect, the Performance Diagnostics department has suspended operation until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding, and stay safe!

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