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Cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-benefit analysis

Increasing health costs have been a big issue for a number of years. As a result, the demand for proven cost efficiency is becoming increasingly significant. For this reason, the field of research into cost effectiveness has high priority at Schulthess Klinik.

To evaluate the cost effectiveness of a treatment, all the medical expenses incurred by a large number of patients are recorded as part of a cost-benefit study. It is often necessary to collaborate with major health insurance providers to do this. On the basis of actual data from daily clinical practice, it is therefore possible to calculate and verify the cost efficiency of a treatment.

Cost-benefit studies in orthopaedics

Research into this matter is still uncommon in the field of orthopaedics and only a few studies involving cost data have been carried out in Switzerland to date. It is for this reason that comprehensive cost-benefit studies are carried out at Schulthess Klinik – including for three frequently performed orthopaedic operations on hands and shoulders.

To this end, we collect data on our patients’ joint functionality and quality of life as well as record all costs incurred before and after the operation. As a specialist hospital for surgical orthopaedics, we are able to report high patient numbers per operation and therefore achieve conclusive results.

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